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Preserving the Blue Sea for the Future
— Conserving the Marine Environment — (The Ocean and Japan 2020)

Japan Coast Guard Foundation pursues its mission of “Preserving the Blue Sea for the Future” by conducting various activities to raise awareness on the importance of conserving marine environments.
Recently we have created “Marin the Turtle's Big Adventure,” a picture-story show to teach children, in simple words, the importance of keeping our oceans clean.
We hope that the “Marin the Turtle's Big Adventure” will encourage the coming generation of citizens to take direct action to keep our oceans blue and beautiful for the future.

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Environmental Picture-Story Show “Marin the Turtle's Big Adventure”

(Story and Illustrations) By Yujiro Omachi, Japan Coast Guard  profile

Marin the Sea Turtle grew up in the beautiful blue sea. One day, he starts out on a journey to the big city to find a group of children he used to play with during the summer holidays.

As he swims towards the city, he gets hungry and eats a plastic shopping bag by mistake.

This story teaches children about the dire impact of plastic waste on marine life and the importance of conserving the marine environment.

Picture-Story Show about Conserving the Marine Environment

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